Remember Who You’re Doing It For

Recently, I’ve worn a lot of spaghetti strap, strapless/halter tops. I even wore a bikini..with a really cute cover. “Why is this a big deal?” you may ask. Well, I’ve always been told that my arms were too big, back was too wide, shoulders were too broad and stomach was too big to wear certain tops, dresses. While the persons saying these things may not have meant them in a critical manner, their words cut DEEP, and affected me in a way that drastically lowered my self-esteem. (Just thinking about it makes me tear up.) I even wore a lot of blues and blacks, jeans and large t-shirts…baggy clothes in general. I very rarely (and still don’t really) took full body pictures. Sucking it in and posing just right was TOO much of a hassle. 

Each and every time that I started to workout and eat better, my motivation was to please someone else. Although my arms and stomach may still be too big, my self-confidence has drastically gone from lower than low, to “I feel so comfortable with my body..muffin top and all.” Now, I’m not glorifying being “overweight.” I could still stand to loose some weight and tone up, of course, but I’m so happy, proud..even overjoyed to finally accept I am. Who knows. Maybe loving myself at 195 lbs will make me love and appreciate myself even more at my desired 160 lbs!

Panama City Beach, Fl (March 2014)


Santiago, Dominican Republic (June 2014)
Nashville, TN (June 2016)

I guess I said all of that to say, enjoy the journey. Wear your halter tops, back-outs, bikini’s and shorts along the way. It’ll help you keep track of your progress, give you that extra push to put down the doughnut and/or ice cream, and go a little bit harder on that next workout.


CONGRATULATIONS! To those of you who have decided to start your journey fitness.

CONGRATULATIONS! To those of you who have reached a milestone in your fitness journey; whether you completed a day, week or month of workouts and clean eating!


At some point in your fitness journey/journey to a healthier lifestyle, you’ve come across:

  1. someone who said that you couldn’t do it
  2. someone who said that you needed to do it, but never offered tips and/or support
  3. someone who always had something negative to say about your progress
  4. someone who doubted your motivation

As I’ve said before, I am extremely guilty of starting a fitness routine, which included clean eating, and getting side tracked/lazy. I’ve also been discouraged after not seeing results after 2 weeks. Remember: Your journey to fitness shouldn’t be fueled by wanting to please others, or get “skinny”. Rather it should be fueled by you wanting to feel better and more comfortable in your own skin.

People will continue to criticize your body, doubt your motives and question your progress, BUT:


I personally need to live by:


Whenever you do a workout, whether it be at the gym, the park or home, remember:


For the record:




Here’s to another day, week or month of your journey to fitness and a healthier way of life.

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer today than I was yesterday.”

Hasta Pronto!




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