Drink, Drink, Drink Your Way To Weightloss

Fitness FYI

A huge part of being fit or beginning/continuing your journey to fitness…a healthier lifestyle is hydrating! Not with juices and kool-aid (gulity), but with good ole fashioned WATER! I personally don’t love to drink water, but my body lets me know when I need it.

Don’t really drink a lot of water? Don’t really like the taste of water? No worries! Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring. Check out the trick for drinking more water,and its benefits below:)!

Infused Water (Detox Water)

Invest in a diffusing bottle, or even a simple mason jar to get the most nutrients from the fruits that you choose to infuse your water with.




Did you like this post? Have you tried infused (detox) water? Do you have a combination that you love and want to share?

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Hasta Pronto!



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