Vacation Must Haves

Random and Very Brief Post!

So this weekend, I’m vacationing in Michigan. 

I started to pack and quickly realized that it took me longer to figure out which products I wanted…needed to bring on vacation with me, than it did to figure out which outfits I liked best. Basically, I needed to figure out what I needed to bring so that I could achieve the “perfect” up-do, wash and go and everything in between.

I spent about 20-30 minutes deciding if I should bring my Cantu Leave-In or Miss Jessie’s Curl Cream, Coconut Oil and/or Castor Oil, Hair Butter mixture and one of two edge controls and/or EcoStyler gel to name a few.

Whew! So many decisions and so little space left in my suitcase.

I finally decided to pack:

100% Coconut Oil (which meltedddd)

Miss Jessie’s Curl Cream

Cantu Leave-In Conditioner

Curls Edge Control Paste

High Porosity Hair Butter

Denmen brush and regular brush

Now, I had to get an extra bag to fit these few items which is sad. So, to eliminate the additional bags for my next trip, I pose a question.

What products are a MUST when you go on vacation? 

Personally, I ALWAYS need a good edge control, conditioner, and hair butter (if I visit the pool or beach) and leave-in conditioner OR curl defining cream. 

I want to know what y’all think of my list, and what y’all pack!

Hasta Pronto!



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