The Freedom Of Being Natural

This post is another random and very brief post, but I wanted to share my feelings on the freedom of being natural.

I’m on vacation. We’re at a picnic. I was on the swings with the kids when all of a sudden it starts raining elephants and zebras and lions. (You get the picture.) Someone yells “your hair is gonna get wet.” I yelled, “It’s okay, I’m natural!”

Talk about the libertad de tener el pelo natural!! I talked with another natural and she said, “We naturals welcome the water. All it does is define out curls more.” I thought RIGHT ON!

Flashback: When I had relaxed hair, I would’ve had a fit if I was outside when it rained. My hair didn’t even have to get wet. Just the thought of rain and relaxed hair would make me cringe. 

If my hair ACTUALLY got wet, it was all over! …all dramatics intended.

I can literally walk through the rain care free and my hair will look better after being rained on, than it did with all of my products and effort. 

I can get up at the drop of a dime, spray some water on my hair, add a little leave-in conditioner or curling cream and go! Simple!

What do you love about being a naturalista?

Hasta Pronto!



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