Moisturizing Oils vs Sealing Oils

A big part of having such beautiful natural hair is knowing the products that work best for your hair. It is really important that we can distinguish between a moisturizing oils and sealing oils. If not, you could be setting your regimen and your hair up for failure… or minor frustration and confusion. Before learning the dfference between the two, I’ve sat tried to complete the LOC Method (mentioned in the Wash Day and Product Review post) only to be disappointed in a few hours when my hair looked and felt dry.

There are, of course, several reasons as to why this happened, but a big reason is because I was using the wrong type(s) of oils. So here’s a question. 

“What is the difference between moisturizing oils and sealing oils?”

Great question!

A moisturizing oil is an oil that is used to penetrate the shaft of the hair and actually moisturize it. Not all oils can do this. 

Moisturizing Oils:

  • Can be used on your scalp
  • Can be mixed with your conditioners (regular, leave-in and deep)



sealing oil is an oil that is used to lock in/seal the moisture in your hair. Sealing oils sit on top of the hair and add shine for a healthy look. It is best not to use sealing oils on your scalp. If you use sealing oils on the scalp, you will be sealing your scalp causing it to become clogged. Sealing oils are great for doing twist outs, bantu knots and braid outs.


Want to see the moisture and seal process? Check out the video below!


Hasta Pronto!



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