Transitioning. The Big Chop. Natural!


One of the best decisions that I ever made for my hair was to go natural.

I did my big chop somewhere between spring 2011 and fall 2011, so I guess that technically made me natural, but I didn’t actually start properly caring for my hair until September 2015.

For those 4 years, I wore kinky twists, box braids and sew-ins continuously, and with little time for my hair to breath in between styles. My sew-ins always had leave out at the front. This required me to flat-iron, flat-iron, flat-iron the front of my hair and my edges. My hair is naturally curly…very curly, so just imagine this: NATURALLY CURLY HAIR + CONSTANT FLAT IRON + HUMIDITY= Extremely Damaged Hair!

I started to notice that my edges were thinning, and a bald spot was forming in the crown of my head. Obviously, the excessive heat on my edges caused them to thin, and the tension from the thread from the sew-ins was too much for the hair in the middle of my head to take. Like I said, I noticed these things, but because I didn’t really know how to care for my hair, I continued to damage it:(


Why did you decide to go natural? How long have you been transitioning? OR Have you done your BIG CHOP? Have you identified your curl pattern? Have you identified products that will strengthen and moisturize your natural hair AND revive your curl pattern? Do you have low porosity or high porosity hair? Do you know what products might best work for your hair? Have you tried any protective styles? What is your wash day routine? How often do you clip your ends? Have/do you color your hair? How do you detangle?

Those are just a few of the questions that you’ll need to answer when transitioning or right after doing your big chop.

FAST FORWARD (4 years later): My hair is very healthy! I clip my ends once every 4-6 months (depending on how my ends looks and feel). I shampoo my hair once every 2 months. I condition and deep condition once every 2 weeks, and do a protein treatment once every month. On wash day, I either mix a moisturizing oil with my conditioner OR I shampoo, wash my hair in a moisturizing oil, condition, rinse, deep condition and protein treatment and rinse (if it’s that time of the month). I follow my wash with a leave in conditioner and/or curl creme and a sealant (sometimes I mix them together) while my hair is still wet. I make sure to get product all over and I use my denman brush to get the product from roots to ends.

Don’t Worry! I know that this is a lot. Sometimes the transitioning/post big chop stage can be overwhelming, but #LaGorditaChronicles is here to help!

P.S. The journey to get your hair as healthy and in some cases as long as you want is is just that….a journey. Don’t be discouraged because your hair isn’t growing as fast or as thick as you want it to. It’s a journey, a process. You’ll have days when your hair is extremely disrespectful–Just Go With It! Remember, what works for someone else may not always work for you.Get comfortable with experimenting with different products, protective styles and everyday styles. Practice makes perfect, and Congratulations on your decision to join #TeamNatural!

Stay Tuned For:

Wash Day (Step by Step)

High/Normal/Low Porosity Hair and Recommended Products

Forst Impressions and Product Reviews

Protective Styles

Moisturizing Oils vs Sealants

DIY Hair Products…and Much More!


Hasta Pronto:)







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