Healthy is More Than Just Being Fit!

I am in NO way a health and fitness expert, but in an effort to begin this healthy and fit journey for the umpteenth time, I decided make Health & Fitness a topic. I know that there’s someone out there on the same step as me, so why not start together, hold each other accountable and reach our health and fitness goals together.

Last February, I was Facebook surfing and came across a friends page who was half way through a 10-Day Green Smoothie Detox. I was very curious, so I did a lot of research over the course of the next week. After a lot of reading and watching YouTube reviews (of course!) I decided to give it a shot. Afterall, 10 days of green smoothies wouldn’t be hard, and it was definitely beneficial.

What is the 10-Day Green Smoothie Detox?

Basically, the green smoothie detox is 10 days of drinking nothing but green smoothies. There are two versions: Modified and Full.

The modified detox is 10 straight days of drinking green smoothies all day, while being able to snack on light and healthy snacks such as: nuts, granola/granola bars, yogurt, etc. 

The full detox is 10 straight days of drinking green smoothies all day, but not eating ANYTHING.

Sounds easy right? Hahahah. I thought so too. 

Days 1 and 2 were pretty easy. The hardest thing was figuring out veggie to fruit balance and how to  make the smoothies taste good.

Day 3 was miserable! I was hungry. Realllllly hungry. I was determined to do the 10 day full detox. 

Day 4 was better, and days 5-10 were easier. I didn’t think about eating constantly, and my morning and lunch smoothies actually filled me up during the day.

I did the modified detox in March, and continued the detox once a month until June or July. The benefits were great. I felt lighter (I didn’t weigh myself) and had more energy. I bought a waist trainer and started going to the gym 3-4 times a week (cardio and zumba).  After a few weeks, I started to notice that my jeans were a little bit looser.

Like many women, I have started a workout regime a million times and have fallen off a million and one. Although I work out very rarely, I so drink about 2 smoothies, usually green, per day. I recently started adding a spoon of flax seed to one smoothie a day to help “clean me out.” The flax seed does just that!

Below, I’ve included some of my favorite recipes, pictures and tips on how to make the best and tastiest smoothies.


1 cup blackberries, 1 banana  and 1 spoon of flaxseed

(Green) Smoothies FYI

  • If you cut up and freeze your fruits and veggies in small ziplock/sandwich bags, you can use that in place of ice to make your smoothie ice cold and ready to go!


  • Adding yogurt and avocado will make your smoothie very creamy!


1 mango, 1 cup of pineapples and 1/2 teaspoon of honey
1.5 cups of spinach, 1.5 cup of strawberries, 1 banana, .5 cup of vanilla yogurt
.5 cup of pineapples,1 cup of spinach, .5 green grapes (sweet), .5 cup blackberries


Clean Eating

“Clean Eating” as it’s called is a big part of getting healthy and fit. Again, I am not a health and fitness expert, so the best that I can do is test out tips, tricks and recipes for delicious meals! I’ll even post some of my favorite recipes below!


Workouts and Water

Another big part of getting healthy and fit, is determining and maintaining a fitness routine that works for you, and will help you reach your goal(s). I personally like cardio, so whenever I work(ed) out, I made sure to include at least 3o-60 minutes  of heavy cardio into my workout, followed by light weightlifting and a cool down on the treadmill or a short walk. 

2 bananas (1 frozen), 1 cup of vanilla yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey

One thing that I do want to point out is that before you create a workout routine, you should figure out what areas of your body you want to work on. Then you should determine if you want to lose weight or tone, which should be followed by researching different exercises that work those target areas. 

Once you’ve gotten a workout plan that works for you, GET STARTED! Keep a few things in mind when working out and eating healthier:

  • Change up your routine every few days. This will keep you from getting bored or comfortable with the same workouts.
  • Challenge yourself. If you started off with 2 reps of 5, increase that little by little.
  • Always eat a “recovery meal” after your workout. According to, “ getting a combination of 10 to 15 grams of protein and 20 to 30 grams of carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your workout will help to refuel your body, promote muscle recovery, amp up your energy, and build a leaner physique.”
  • Don’t let your workout be in vain. Be sure to do exercises that use the muscles of the targeted weight loss areas, and make sure that you’re doing them correctly.
  • List a set of small goals and be specific. 
  • Think about what’s motivating you.
  • Stretch to prepare your muscles for your workout.
  • Be patient! Enjoy the journey.
  • Find a fit friend. Motivate and keep each other accountable.
  • Develop endurance and discipline.
  • Don’t snack or eat when you’re not hungry.
  • Drink a glass of water before you eat, and downsize your portions.
  • Create a workout playlist to help take your mind off of working out while you work out.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
  • Check out workout classes that interest you (i.e. zumba, yoga, spin, cardio, etc.)
  • Learn about “muscle weighs more than fat”

 And when things get tough………

  • Finish Strong!





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